Monday, 15 September 2014

Shopping Receipt

What is the brain behind the stamping of a shopping receipt after shopping in a supermarket. When it is often written below the receipt that "goods sold are not returnable". Then, why waste my time by stamping the receipt. Trust me, even if it takes ten seconds to do the stamping, it's still a waste of time. I just don't get the rational behind the stamping.

I mean with the clause below the receipt "goods sold are not returnable", the stamping of the receipt doesn't nullify that clause.  Neither is it going to be used as evidence to prove that indeed you bought the product(s) from that particular shop when you want to return it. So why waste my time.

If you've noticed, those who do the stamping don't cross-check with the items you've bought to see if there has been some form of shop lifting or not. Though, they are not going to cross-check, the way they call you back when you forget to give them your receipt for stamping is sometimes so embarrassing; as if you haven't paid for the product(s) and you are walking away.

Sometimes I wonder if the stamping of the receipt is just a formality (it's been done elsewhere so we should also do same), used to keep track of the number of receipts issued out that day, though I don't see any recording being done, or it's just a way to get someone employed.

In my candid opinion, the stamping of the receipt is so 1964 and unnecessary.

Please someone enlighten me on the rational behind the stamping of the receipt.

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