Saturday, 17 January 2015

21st Century contraception

I know by now you'll be thinking about the normal contraceptives we have around. Such as the pills, implants, Intra Uterine Device (IUD), condoms, foaming tablets, vasectomy and what have you. Others may perhaps be thinking about the natural ones.

In the 21st century, people are practising new forms of contraception knowingly or unknowingly. These methods ,though not medical, have proven effective if not very effective.

The first among these methods which has proven very effective the world over is 'economic contraception'. Due to economic hardships and  perhaps urbanization young couples have reduced the number of children they bring forth drastically. In fact, off late it is very rare to find a woman with ten children or more. Unlike our parents and grandparents generation who pride themselves in having a lot of children; even to the extent that in the Akan society a man who brought forth to ten children with one woman, was rewarded with a sheep (badudwan) by his in-laws. What is interesting about economic contraception is that it is the men who are spear heading it. Unlike the medical one which targets the women most. This method has caused some countries to record a negative growth rate.

The second method is having minors (children less than eighteen years) around. As we popularly call them  Abeku. This method, though very annoying, has proven to be quite effective. You know how these Abekus are: they won't sleep early, they want to be where you are, they want to share your bed even when they have their own and they will go heaven and earth to attract your attention no matter the time of day. So please don't shove them to their grandparents and aunties because they are helping you to plan your family. This method is proven to be very effective especially in the urban societies where nuclear families are mostly found.

The third among them is career contraception. This is where women in their reproductive age postpone given birth because of their career. In fact, in the western world some women are considering freezing their ovaries (eggs) to concentrate on their career  and make babies in later years. This type of contraception is common in the western world, but its gradually creeping into the Ghanaian society.It used to be the women who were practising it but now the men are also into it. Young men of our days want to be successful and achieve everything before settling down to make babies. The only excuse they give is "I don't want any woman to come and take away my 'freedom' ''.  

The last among them is geographical contraception. Where because of over population laws have been made forcing citizens of certain countries to have fewer children. In some cases only one: whether couples can take care of their offspring or not.